15-21 September 2019
Europe/Rome timezone

S. Poletto - Engineering superconducting transmon qubits (part 1)

19 Sep 2019, 15:30
1h 30m


In this series of lectures I will describe how superconducting transmon
qubits are engineered, designed, and fabricated.

I start introducing the building blocks of superconducting quantum
processors from an engineering point of view, with a focus on working
parameters and design considerations. I will emphasize similarities with
standard microwave engineer elements such as transmission lines,
resonators, and capacitive or inductive couplings.

I will provide a deep insight on how the working parameters of the quantum
processor are linked to the performances of the device and to the lifetime
of the qubits.

I will conclude with an overview of the common fabrication techniques to
produce superconducting quantum processors.

At the end of this series of lectures the audience will be familiar with
equations and tools used to engineer superconducting transmon quantum
processors. Moreover, they will know how to balance the tradeoff between
performances and coherence times imposed at the design stage.

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