21-23 December 2022
Dipartimento di Fisica "Ettore Pancini"
Europe/Rome timezone


(talk length throughout the whole event: 15’ SHARP including questions)

Programma del 21 Dicembre mattina

9:45 Presentazione + Welcome

The organizers: D. De Cicco, N. Frusciante e F. Iocco (UniNA)

M. Nicodemi (UniNA e INFN)

G. Miele (UniNA, Dir. Dip. Fisica “Ettore Pancini”),

Start alle 10:00

  • S. Capozziello: Non-local Gravity Cosmology

  • V. Cardone: Euclid: a higher order point of view on the Universe

  • M. Miranda: Scalar field effective fluids in second-order theories of

  • V. De Falco: Exploring metric departures from Schwarzschild black
    hole geometry

  • M. Benetti: f(T) Cosmology

Break 11:30-12:00

  • M. Annunziatella: A look into the evolution of massive galaxies

  • G. D’Ago: Handling massive spectroscopic data: population gradients
    in cluster ETGs

  • A. Ferragamo: Machine Learning approach to Sunyaev-Zel'dovich cluster
    radial mass profiles

  • V. Allevato: The interplay between AGN and the large-scale structure
    of the Universe

  • D. De Cicco: A Neapolitan telescope in Chile: 10 years of AGN

  • F. Ragosta: Parameter estimation of kilonovae in the Vera Rubin
    Observatory era

  • A. Longobardi: Studying structure evolution in a multi-parameter space of observables

Students’ lunch!!! (You have to write to N. Miranda to register, and deposit 5 Euros; nicola.miranda@unina.it)

Programma del 22 Dicembre

Start alle 10:00

  • G. Gubitosi: Quantum Gravity Phenomenology

  • N. Frusciante: Cosmological tests of Gravity

  • F. Kuipers: Physics on the Quantum Foam

  • M. Cesaro: Kaluza-Klein Spectroscopy in Supergravity

  • M. De Cesare: Evolving black hole with scalar field accretion

Break 11:30-12:00

  • S. Esposito: Feynman's adventures ed altre imprese: storia,
    didattica e divulgazione a Napoli tra azioni e contaminazioni

  • O. Zagordi: O(1) cose che ho imparato da quando mi sono laureato in

  • A. D’Isanto: From astronomy to supply chain (through OLED

  • P. D’Isanto: Zeta di Riemann e Caos

  • M. Messina: Relic neutrinos, how to take a new shot of the Universe

  • Francesco Musella: From Physics to Bioinformatics: DNA Modeling

Lunch 13:30-14:30

Start 14:30

  • E. Vitagliano: Supernova 1987A strongly constrains Bosons Decaying to

  • D. Fiorillo: Discovering point sources of ultra-high-energy neutrinos

  • F. Sapio: Fundamental Physics with the two Galileo FOC satellites

  • V. Gammaldi: Dark Matter indirect detection and machine learning

  • G. Limatola: On Linear Power Corrections in Collider Processes

  • V. Vicuña-Hernandez: Complex Beams

Break 15:45-16:00

  • M. Maffei: Energetics of optical quantum technologies

  • R. Arpaia: Shedding light on high temperature superconductors with
    confined samples and synchrotron radiation

  • P. Malara: The water network of trees as a sensing organ

  • A. Rubano: Terahertz Hyper-Raman Time-Domain Spectroscopy

  • L. Amato: Highly coherent cluster states in dilute rare-earth

Programma del 23 Dicembre mattina

Start alle 10:00

  • E. Loffredo: Evolutionary trade-offs in multi stressors environment

  • M. Conte: Polymer physics of chromosome spatial organization

  • M. F. Abbate: Computational detection of antigen-specific b-cells
    receptor using statistical mechanics

  • M. Durante: Biomedical Applications of Radioactive ion Beams

  • P. Maiuri: Nuclear volume (of a cell)

  • F. P. Casale: Human genetics and machine learning to unravel complex
    disease biology

Break 11:30-12:00

  • A. Scialdone: One, No One, and One Hundred Thousand: how cells acquire and change identities

  • S. De Franciscis: Mathematical modeling of noise, networks and
    dynamical systems, and its applications to system biology and

  • A. Marinelli: Neutrino astronomy in the era of the Global Neutrino Network

  • PD Serpico: Overview of Astroparticle activities at LAPTh

  • A. Cuoco: Dark Matter indirect detection with gamma rays, cosmic
    rays and gravitational waves

  • F. Iocco: Dark Matter distribution in astrophysical objects

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